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Bebe Leone, Founder


Bebe’s heritage: When Bebe was a child she used to live in a big countryside house from the 18th Century, that once belonged to a famous scientist and aristocrat, count Amedeo Avogadro . She grew up surrounded by period high ceilings and walls that could tell stories. She got an aesthetic-driven education: a sense of style,a sense of beauty and a sense of grace, all those things were very important in her upbringing.

Bebe’s present: After a degree in History of Arts from Universita’ degli studi in Bologna and a master in international business at ESCP in Paris, Bebe traveled the world,  first Bangkok then Singapore and London and now lives between Dubai and Italy. She works as an art advisor assisting her clients in the sourcing and buying process of modern and contemporary art works and collectibles.


Sissi Macchetto, Contributor

sissi_profileSissi’s heritage: When Sissi was a child she used to live in a utterly white house , designed by architect Pier Niccolò Berardi. A white cube kind of house, by the mountains and close to heaven.
She grew up in a family whose story was related to important innovations within the textile industry. Her mother’s family invented the pret a porter after world War  2, inspired by the Army’s uniform.

Sissi’s present: Sissi is now based between Milan and Turin, often traveling for work in Italy and abroad. She works as communication consultant in the field of arts, culture and cinema. She also contributes as free lance journalist to several magazines in the sector. She is grateful to the art system for having given her new ways of expressing herself. She is grateful to the artists she works with for making her aware she is not crazy. Her motto is: Everything but boredom.





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