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The Story of Warhol’s “Love is a Pink Cake”

By Viola Romoli

The Story of Warhol’s  Love is a Pink Cake 


Andy Warhol is still the most renowned Pop Artist in the world and has approached the theme of LOVE in a special way.

In the early 50s he realised ‘Love is A Pink Cake’, the only illustrated book mapping each day of December through characterful  interpretations of cultural and historical figures associated with love.

His precious drawings, accompanied by Corkie’s witty text, show with subtle irony and irreverence famous love stories. As Warhol says, ‘Love is a Pink Cake’, and it’s better fantasy love than reality love. Warhol decided to make fun of historical figures underlining their B side of love: he didn’t want to show the formal and illusory Love that was shown around. He wanted to focus the attention of readers on the unofficial aspects of those important love stories. In an elegant and funny way he was declaring who was cheating on who, why those everlasting loves were impossible, or why the fate decided for them. Made of offset lithograph and blue print, Warhol and Corkie (Ralph T Ward) using a rhyme scheme made fun jokes on famous figures such as Napoleon and Josephine, Rome and Juliet, Madame Pompadour or Anthony and Cleopatra. Rumors say that Corkie and Warhol were in love and this collaboration could be considered as a long Love Letter.




Article contributed by Viola Romoli, founder, The Pool NYC


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