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#myheritageandi: The Project

By Bebe Leone

“Raised in a big family and all along keen on design and photography, Bebe takes inspiration from iconic vintage images to design and create “Sets” that tell cute family stories. The portrayed leading characters, parents and children, but also masters with their pets, are styled with witty humor in unusual and often irreverent postures, as the expression of a ‘joie de vivre’ that brings together, despite time lapses and generational gaps”  Sissi Macchetto

Herbert Tobias with his cat, 1962 @Peter h. Fürst                                  Carolina, socialite, with Pancita

Shirley MacLaine with Sachi Parker, 1959 @Allan Grant.              Berengere, jewellery designer, with Lou

Paul McCartney with baby Stella, 1972 @Linda Mccartney             Alessandro, yuppie, with baby Bernardo

Bebe Buell and daughter Liv Tyler, 1980                                         Roberto, artist, with Nina

Buster Keaton with sons Robert and James, 1924                            Angelo, Farmer Charming, with Matilde and Margherita

Heather McCartney with Martha, 1971 ca @Linda McCartney           Nora, cutie, with Ned

Brigitte Nielsen and son @Alice Springs 1990                                  Bebe, lifestyler, with baby Bernardo

Ivy Nicholson and dog, 1954 @Henry Clark                                            Lucrezia, actress, with Arturo

All our photos are conceived and styled by BebeLeone and photographed by Filippo Avandero

Thanks to the collaboration with Italian photographer Filippo Avandero #myheritageandi: Styled Family Portraits will be on show in Milan from Tuesday 20th of January at Circo Solferino in via Solferino 11, Brera, as part of the exhibition “Ritratti’ by Filippo Avandero.

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