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Pop Heritage: the story of the Panettone. Merry Christmas from the Heritagestudio!

By Bebe Leone

Hello dear friends! The Heritagestudio has been silent for a while, we are aware of that. And truly sorry for that! Good news, we will be back soon!!! We are moving to a new platform and working on new content to feature right after the Holidays. Please bear with us! We wish you super fun holidays and a sparkly beginning of the new year!

The Story of the Panettone  @FilippoAvandero_bebeleonestylingPanettone in Italy is synonymous for Christmas. Every Italian family in every region of Italy celebrates Christmas with this traditional cake. Born in Milan in the end of the XV century, Panettone is surrounded by a few romantic legends; one of these stories sees it as a product of love, made from a lover who created the dessert to conquer the heart of his darling by increasing her father’s bakery’s sales. According to another story Panettone was invented by a clever servant who turned a disastrous dinner into an incredible success. Made of eggs, flour, butter, and filled with raisins and dried fruits, Panettone is nothing more than a sweet, rich bread, as stated  in its name ‘Pan de Ton’,  luxury bread.

Photo by Filippo Avandero, concept and art direction by Bebe Leone, Hair and Make up by Tonia Calzerano, model Allegra Benini.

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