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Richard Avedon’s Fable of decadence: In memory of the late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort

By Sissi Macchetto


The Story of Richard Avedon’s Fable Avedon_fantastic_fable02

Settings: The New Yorker, Nov 6, 1995

Leading Actors: Richard Avedon, Nadja Aumermann and a skeleton

Plot:  Back in November 1995, The New Yorker featured Avedon’s beautiful fable of decadence and death, beautifully staged by model Nadja Auermann dressed in lavish designer clothes clashing with a shabby background environment. The characters involved, Mr. & Mrs. Comfort, are represented as a caricature of the high society rich couple Avedon was surrounded by: “they are a violent caricature of a world of thin women and rich men who are — at the end of the day — dust like the rest of us mortals” (Anne of Carversville). Many believed that this reflected Avedon’s disillusionment with contemporary fashion, his farewell to the world of vanity and vacuity that made him a top-tier celebrity.


Photos via My Modern Met 

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