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Photography and pets: 10 meaningful images

Photographer Herbert Tobias and his cathat, 1962TOBIAS MIT SEINER KATZE, 1962 /PETER H. FÜRST /sc

Iggy Pop and friend, by Bonnie Shiffman 1966iggy_pop01

Princess Caroline by Helmut Newton, 1980caroline_newton

Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette, 2012lagerfeld-choupette-august-2012-xln

Buster Keaton and puppy, 1920 cabuster_keaton1

Jean Shrimpton by Davud Hurn, 1966jean_shrimpton

River Phoenix at home, by Michael Tighe, 1987river phoenix

Rod Stewart by David Steen, 1976rod_stewart

Kate Moss by Herb Ritts, 1997


Leonardo di Caprio by Annie Leibovitz, 1997leo_dicaprio1

Jean Seberg by Philippe Halsman ,19595.-Jean-Seberg-and-Cat-1959

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