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Art, music and love on t-shirts by G.Kero



The Story of G.Kerog_kero9

Settings: Paris, today

Leading actors: Siblings Marguerite and Philippe Bartherotte are the duo behind G.Kero, a recently born french label of cotton and jersey separates, aiming at bringing art into everyday life. Marguerite,creative mind of the duo, studied at the famous school of art and design, La Cambre, in Belgium and came to fashion through her painting, helped by Philippe, the “driving force” behind G.Kero’s creations.

Plot:  Using t-shirts as her canvas talented Bartherotte perfects her  freehand style on high-quality cotton, creating minimalist designs which reflect her bohemian upbringing in Cap Ferret. : exotic animals, music, love, her watercolors are inspired by anything that embodies joy de vivre . The fresh, sometimes irreverent style of Bartherotte’s design has gained G.Kero a cult following that includes the likes of Marion Cotillard and Kate Moss.g_kero4



g_kero2 g_kero8





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