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Agostino Osio’s dreamlike cities

Italian photographer and artist Agostino Osio in his project “Spazi-Aree” breaks up landscapes and spaces to compose them in new, dreamlike views made of collages of different images. Choosing first Paris as the main subject for his lens, then Milan, Osio’s evocative cities are tinged with a surreal atmosphere. Resident artist at Studio Maffei Milano, his work is on show in Venice during the 14th edition of La Biennale at the Italian Pavilion as part of the exhibition Innesti-Grafting curated by Cino Zucchi.

Milano Liberty, 2014agostino_osio1

arch. Luigi Caccia Dominioni, 2014agostino_osio2

VII arrondissement, 2013agostino_osio10

Operà, 2013agostino_osio11

la Defence, 2013 agostino_osio6

XIX arrondissement, 2013agostino_osio5

XIII arrondissement, 2013  agostino_osio4

Louvre, 2013 agostino_osio8

rive gauche, 2013agostino_osio7

All photos © Agostino Osio , courtesy of Studio Maffei Milano

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