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1968: Radical Italian Design. A new, witty project by Cattelan and Ferrari

By Bebe Leonemaurizio-cattelan-1968-italian-radical-design-designboom-02

The Story of 1968: Radical Italian Design maurizio-cattelan-1968-italian-radical-design-designboom-03

Settings: Toilet Paper Magazine’s headquarters, today

Leading actors: The irreverent duo behind Toilet Paper Magazine, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari has teamed up with Deste Foundation to release a book that celebrates Italian avant-garde design from the late 60s, documenting the works acquired by Greek design collector Dakis Joannou.

Plot:  Named after a year that was pivotal for architecture, design and the world at large, “1968: Italian Radical Design”  honors a group of advanced designers from the 1960s and early ’70s who initiated new aesthetic codes opposing the ones of traditional design. That new, disruptive language gave birth to iconic furniture pieces like Gufram’s Pratone chair and Superstudio’s Quaderna 2600 which Cattelan and Ferrari re imagine now in surreal scenarios that reflect the typically ironic, playful and witty style they’ve become known for.

17-1968--Radical-Italian-Furniture-yatzer 19-1968--Radical-Italian-Furniture-yatzer 20-1968--Radical-Italian-Furniture-yatzer 6-1968--Radical-Italian-Furniture-yatzer 14-1968--Radical-Italian-Furniture-yatzer



Source: Design Boom

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