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Air France Ad campaign inspired by vintage travel posters

Air France revealed in the beginning of April its new, bold, colorful ad campaign, “Air France, France is in the air” that features the photography of talented Argentinian duo Sofia & MauroThe posters, starring some familiar faces like Ali Michael and Bette Franke, seem to look back at atmospheres and nuances from the past to playfully picture Parisian cliches and a fun, sexy and elegant country. The posters are just a small part of the campaign that will span twelve countries in print and online.

AirFrance-ad14 AirFrance-ad15 AirFrance-ad AirFrance-ad1 AirFrance-ad2



AirFrance-ad3 AirFrance-ad16AirFrance-ad4 AirFrance-ad5 AirFrance-ad6 AirFrance-ad7 AirFrance-ad8 AirFrance-ad9 AirFrance-ad10 AirFrance-ad13

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