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Queens on the Catwalk by Dolce & Gabbana

By Sissi Macchetto

In this enjoyable editorial Swide magazine takes inspiration from 5 of the most influential queens of Europe from the renaissance and baroque eras, great rulers, known as well for their fashion and beauty statements. Swide’s imagination runs wild and free picturing the Queens dressed in key Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2014 looks. Enjoy!

Catherine Tsarina of Russia, ruler of the great Russian land from 1762-1796dolcegabbana_queen

Marie Antoinette, crowned Queen of France and Navarre between 1774-1792dolcegabbana_queen1

Maria Theresa Empress of Austria, her 40-year reign began in 1740.dolcegabbana_queen2

Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, ruled England between 1558-1603. Known for her interest in arts, her eccentric outfits and beautiful flame red hairdolcegabbana_queen3

Queen Isabella of Castile, ruler of the Spanish Territories from 1474-1504dolcegabbana_queen4

Credits: Swide


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