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Jon Rafman’s “brand new paint job”: interiors as works of art

Digital artist Jon Rafman ‘s imagination goes wild when creating the ongoing project, “brand new paint job”, where digital 3D interiors are “soaked” in timeless artworks of master painters. Sourcing the background from google 3D warehouse, Rafman uses ready-made interiors and covers them, and each single object placed within them, with decorative motifs collected from famous iconic paintings, creating a brand new concept space where the coexistence of digital and historical conveys an interesting visual effect.

Picasso’s living roomjon-rafman

Lichtenstein moe’s tavern, 2013jon-rafman-01

Hans Hoffman kitchen, 2013jon-rafman-02

Rousseau study, 2013jon-rafman-03

Guston kid’s room, 2013 jon-rafman-04

Keith Haring theatre, 2013jon-rafman-05

Franz Kline operating room, 2013jon-rafman-06

Picasso bed ‘n breakfast, 2013jon-rafman-07

Tanguy sushi dinner, 2013jon-rafman-08

O’Keeffe waiting room, 2013jon-rafman-09

De Kooning hallway, 2013jon-rafman-11

Credits and photos: Design Boom


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