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Timeless Love Stories: Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé

Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne in Yves Saint Laurent, directed by Jalil Lespert yves_pierre-MOVIE The Love Story of Yves and Pierreyves_pierre

Settings: Paris-Marrakesh, 1958-1976

Characters: Pierre Bergé is the long time companion and business partner of late French designer Yves Saint-Laurent. Together they founded Yves Saint Laurent Couture House in 1961. After the end of their romance in the late 70s the couple remained close, with Bergé acting as C.E.O of the Company until 2002, highly protective of Saint Laurent’s legacy and reputation. He stood by the designer’s side until the day of his death, in 2008.

Plot: Yves and Pierre met in 1958 and started a longtime romance and business relationship that, although formally ended in 1976, remained strong until the day of Saint Laurent’s death in 2008. At the core of their union, the match between complementary personalities, the creative, self destructive genius of Yves balanced by the controlled, highly protective and focused personality of Pierre. Bergé has always been seen as the rational half of the couple but he recently told the NYT he became a businessman only because that was the role Saint Laurent needed him to play. In truth they were united by a mutual love for all forms of high aesthetic expression, from fashion to arts, that brought them to amass over the years one of the most significant collection of art objects of our century, auctioned at Christie’s in 2009 , whose story was told in the documentary ‘L’amour Fou’, from 2011. In the beginning of this year the biopic Yves Saint Laurent , by Jalil Lespert,based on the life of Yves and backed by Pierre Bergé himself, was released in France, sparking debates among critics. A more authentic version of the couple relationship can be found in “Letters to Yves,” a slim book of Mr. Bergé’s reminiscences published after Saint Laurent’s death.

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