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Timeless Love Stories: Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton

By Bebe Leone

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” Tim Burton

When love is about eccentricity and ordinary altogether. helena_tim17

The Love Story of Helena and Tim helena_tim4

Settings: London 2001, today

Characters: Helena Bonham Carter, one of the most talented British actresses, has worked with partner director Tim Burton in almost all his movies since the couple met while filming Planet of the Apes in 2001. American born, London based Tim Burton started to make movies in the early 80s after having attended famous CalArt school in California, founded and run by Disneys Studios. Since then he has been directing both animated and regular movies, becoming famous for his inclination towards fantastic,quirky sometimes macabre but always whimsical stories and for working with long time collaborators, the likes of Johnny Depp and life companion Helena.

Plot: Helena and Tim met on the set of Planet of the Apes in 2001. They fell for each other and since then Helena has been Tim’s muse, appearing in all his following movies, both in leading or secondary roles.  And it might be fair to say that being Tim Burton‘s muse is not an easy job. Perhaps surprisingly, he made her audition for roles just like any other actress. While filming Alice in Wonderland tensions arose and Tim told Vogue UK he used to release it by shooting Helena with a nerf gun. And the happily eccentric nature of their partnership was reflected in their private life too. When the mutual attraction that had blossomed on the set of Planet Of The Apes led to them setting up home, they did it in a most unusual fashion, keeping two separate dwellings, one belonging to Tim and one to Helena, each with its own very distinct decor. Only recently, the couple has moved in together under the same roof, for the sake of their two children. Known for having felt awkward and misfit in sunny California during his adolescence, silent, shy, geeky Tim admitted that it wasn’t until he moved to Hampstead among its historic narrow streets and grime-streaked passageways with soul mate Helena that he found a place he could call home.

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