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Timeless love stories: Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot

By Bebe Leone

There were only 12 playboys – not more – in the world‘ Gunter Sachs

Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot ‘s story inaugurates our lovers series for Valentine’s week as the love story ‘par excellence’, featuring the bombshell and the gentleman millionaire, set in exotic and desired lands, made of red roses falling from the sky and a flash wedding in Vegas. And most importantly, not meant to last forever.


The Love Story of Gunter and BB gunter_brigitte4

Settings: Saint Tropez, Las Vegas, Tahiti, Switzerland 1966-1969

Characters: BB and Gunter Sachs, heir of Germany’s biggest automobile company, Opel , man of mystery, womanizer. Labelled as ‘the last playboy’ , Sachs belonged to an era when elegance and cultural interests were essentials in the art of courting. He was a talented photographer and documentary filmmaker, as well as one of the visionary collectors of the 20th century. One of the first to understand the disruptive power of Pop Art, in 1974 he commissioned to Andy Warhol the portrait of Brigitte Bardot, part of the Gunter Sachs collection that was auctioned at Sotheby’s soon after his death. He was also fascinated by astrology and founded in 1955 an institute to research the links between the planets and the human character. In May 2011 he killed himself with a gun shot after having been diagnosed with Alzheimer, not accepting that illness could take control over his life.

Plot: BB and Gunter Sachs met in St. Tropez in 1966, an era when the French Riviera was home to charming socialites and elegant millionaires. She was as magnetized by him as he was by her. “I thought he was magnificent. I was hypnotized,” she later wrote. “I have never known a man like him. I felt mad, serene, wonderstruck” (Sotheby’s). The day after they met Sachs had a helicopter fly over BB’S home on the Cote d’Azur and shower it with thousands of red roses. Two months later they were wed in Las Vegas, then jetted to Tahiti for their honeymoon.After three years, Sachs and Bardot signed a friendly divorce, remaining always fond of each other. Ever elegant and romantic, Sachs sent Brigitte a sizeable diamond on the 10th anniversary of their divorce.

Photos via The Red List

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