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Lamya Gargash: Through the Looking Glass

Emirati artist and photographer Lamya Gargash developed in 2012 “Through the Looking Glass” a series of portraits that investigate the relationship between self-perception and notion of beauty, without sparing criticism in relevance to media representation of body image in today’s society. Each picture is made of two opposing panels, the first one depicting a portrait of the subject as seen by the world, and the opposing one depicting the subject as seen through their mind’s eye. The project was facilitated by the use of artificial prosthetics. The artist who participated in 2009 at the Venice Biennale as a representative of the inaugural UAE Pavillion, held her first solo exhibition at Third Line Gallery in 2012 in Dubai.

Maria, 2012


Reem, 2012

Lamya Gargash, Reem, 2012, CPrint (diptych), 76x114cm each

Amer, 2012

Lamya Gargash, Amer, 2012, CPrint (diptych), 76x114cm each

Dalal, 2012

Lamya Gargash, Dalal, 2012, CPrint (diptych), 76x114cm each

Jimmy, 2012

Lamya Gargash, Jimmy, 2012, CPrint (diptych), 76x114cm each

Manny, 2012

Lamya Gargash, Manny, 2012, CPrint (diptych), 76x114cm each

Rashed, 2012


Photos via The Third Line Gallery

To know more: Lamya Gargash

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  1. Thanks for sending me this. I am surprised to see how radically some participants found their mind’s eye body image different from what they see in the mirror. It’s interesting to think how they would see themselves in their mind’s eye without mirrors or Vogue being available.

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