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Elliott Erwitt’s “Kolor”: more than fifty years of culture defining images

By Bebe Leone

Bretagne, France, 1960elliott_erwitt01

The Story of Elliott Erwitt’s Kolor bookelliott_erwitt05

Settings: The globe between the 50s and the 90s

Leading character: Born in France from Russian parents, educated in Italy and successively immigrated in the US, New York based Elliott Erwin has a background as eclectic as his personality. Photographer, director, producer, Erwin worked with some of the most influential photographers of the mid century, the likes of Robert Capa and for leading newspapers and magazines, combining portraits, documentary and corporate photography. His various work spans over fifties years of worldwide history, capturing defining moments, iconic faces and breathtaking landscapes, a meaningful collection of culture defining imagery. 

Plot: Published last September by teNeues, “Kolor” features more than 400 photographs selected from a vast archive of over 500,000 almost-forgotten Kodachrome and Ektachrome images. The book documents more than fifty years of history, exploring Erwitt’s color work between the 50s and the 90s, a thought-through selection of  images from all over the world, portraits of movie stars and politicians, staged fashion photographs and street shots.

Australia, 1961elliott_erwitt02

Miami Beach, Florida, 1962elliott_erwitt03

Los Angeles, California, 1966elliott_erwitt04

California, 1956elliott_erwitt_08

Las Vegas, Nevada, 1957elliott_erwitt10

Saint-Tropez, France, 1978. Gunter Sachs with a friendelliott_erwitt11

Alfred Hitchcock and Vera Miles. New York City, 1957.elliott_erwitt06

Paris, France, 1963. Advertisement for the French Tourism Department elliott_erwitt07

Photos © Elliott Erwitt via The New Yorker

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