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Art Matters! Bergdorf Goodman’s spring 2014 windows

Christopher Astley, Assembled sculpture



Andrea Mary Marshall

The Story of Bergdorf Goodman’s “Art Matters” spring windows

Settings: New York, Bergdorf Goodman 5th/58th, spring 2014

Leading Actors: Brooklyn based concept space Grey Area, that showcases the work of both well-known and emerging artists, exploring the undefined space between art and design, collaborated with New York leading department store Bergdorf Goodman to design their spring windows according to the motto “Art is our muse”

Plot:  Beginning February 4, Grey Area co-founders Kyle DeWoody and Manish Vora and ten artists turned Bergdorf Goodman into their own artist space. With the help of a larger-than-life tar-covered teddy bear created by artist Mattia Biagi, or a carefully crated three-dimensional wallpaper made of objects such as butterflies, toy food and plastic necklaces by Adam Parker Smith or oil-slick hued headpieces and geodesic sculptures by jewelry designer and sculpture Laura Wass, the skillfully assembled installations complement “artsy” looks from top designer’s spring 2014 collections

Kasper Sonne, Partially burned canvas, Installationbergdorf_goodman_spring_windows5

Lionel Esteve, Hand-crafted snakesbergdorf_goodman_spring_windows7


Peter D. GerakarisRappaccini Origami Terrarium, Mixed Media Installation with Origami Sculpturebergdorf_goodman_spring_windows


Mattia Biagi,Teddy 212, Tar Installationbergdorf_goodman_spring_windows2

Laura Wass, Oil-slick head pieces and geodesic sculptures


Kristine Cammermeyer, Installation


Adam Parker Smith, Wallpaper


Photos via Bergdorf Goodman

Spring trends:

Dior Trianon Blush and Vernis

Alexander McQueen floral print skull zip Pouch

Stella McCartney Floral Lace-Overlay Tank

Marni Girl print faux leather Shopping Bag

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