The Heritage Studio

Pop Heritage: Sammy Slabbink’s Collage Art

Belgian artist Sammy Slabbink combines his love for vintage photographs, tones and settings with contemporary compositional style. The result is engaging, witty images that offer an humorous perspective on today’s society.

Spacefood, 2013sammy_slabbink5The (Make Up) Artist, 2013


Some like it violent, 2013sammy_slabbink7 Going Nowhere, 2013sammy_slabbink8 End of the road, 2013sammy_slabbink9 Solid Advice, 2014sammy_slabbink Travel in style, 2013sammy_slabbink2 The Great Escape, 2013sammy_slabbink3

Seafood, 2013


All photos ©Sammy Slabbink

To know more check out Sammy’s website

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