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My Heritage and I: channeling the Gainsbourgs

Serge Gainsbourg, enfant terrible of French popular music, with daughter Charlotte in the early eighties, photographed by Tony Frank. When Charlotte was 13, in 1984, Serge and her recorded “Lemon Incest,” a duet that included the lyric “the love that we will never make”.The music video featured the two cuddling on a bed surrounded by feathers and not unexpectedly shocked the nation raising a lot of controversy. But according to Charlotte, Jane, and friends of Serge’s, it was a “pure love song from a father to a daughter”.   Charlotte remained terribly attached to her father until the day of his death, in 1991. (Vanity Fair)

The “all denim” outfit was Serge’s signature one, he got pictured in it on several key moments of his life. Apologies if we couldn’t help but adding a touch of classic Italy from the 80s, wearing our beloved Superga shoes!

Bebe and Nora’s photos by Sofia Dadourian

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