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Jeremy Scott ‘s Moschino 2014 Pre-fall Collection

Jeremy Scott gives a saucy preview of what will be his direction as creative director of the Maison Moschino with a Pre-Fall collection that shows a quirky and rebellious attitude, effortlessly reverential to the style of founder Franco Moschino and synergistic with the Maison’s colorful and somewhat eccentric history. Scott seems to share a subversive sense of humor with Moschino, who died in 1994, as the clothes and accessories here prove: references to the label’s Eighties style are made in coats and dresses adorned with gold chains and big bold letters that spell out loudly the company logo, jackets and skirts covered in gold buttons and the Maison’s famed cow pattern that gets some play on coats and accessorizes. Everything looks very funky and edgy, funny and in line with the brand’s signature style. Looking forward to what comes next!

moschino_prefall14_01moschino_prefall14_06 moschino_prefall14_07 moschino_prefall14_08 moschino_prefall14 moschino_prefall14_02 moschino_prefall14_03



Photos courtesy of Moschino

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