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Inspiration: Peter Jensen celebrates Diana Ross in his SS14 collection

For his SS14 collection Peter Jensen took inspiration not only from the wardrobe and look of super icon Diana Ross, but also from episodes of her private and public life. More explicit are Diana’s prints, contributed by Jensen’s artist friend Julie Verhoeven, who artfully duplicates Diana’s visage surrounded by a corona of superstar hair on tops, skirts and dresses. Then comes the reference to the low-V neckline, part of Diana’s signature look since the early years of her career. Diana’s Las Vegas concert from 1979 , where she wore all-white costumes by Bob Mackie, inspired items in virginal broderie anglaise, and silver-sequined sweatshirts and pencil skirts. A much more subtle reference: the raindrop print coming from Ross’s performance in Central Park in 1983, when she got caught in a thunderstorm and kept performing no matter what. When asked “Why Diana?”, Jensen replied he felt “Ross stood for a good time, a chance to dance away the dark”. The fascination for the late 70’s and a Studio 54 “sunny” lifestyle marks also Jensen’s men SS14 collection, where the designer is after no less than Andy Warhol’s personal style. But this is another story.


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