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Alex Prager’s Face in the crowd


The Story of Alex Prager’s Face in the Crowd


L.A based photographer Alex Prager presents her latest body of work -Face in the Crowd-at Corcoran Museum of Art  in Washington, with an exhibition concurrently taking place in New York, at Lehmann Maupin Gallery and running until the 22nd of February. The work features large-scale , highly cinematic images of people gathered in congested public spaces such as an airport terminal, lobby, beach or movie theater. In fact, sets were specially constructed with actors in costumes, requiring weeks of pre-production, according to what Prager told the Huffington Post. The character’s gestures, hairstyles and poses were all carefully chosen by the artist, recalling cultural references drawn from street photography and classic Hollywood cinema; the clothing and props were sourced in costumes houses and vintage stores to convey a range of time periods from mid-century to present. “The ambiguity of the eras and locations suggest a sense of timelessness while also creating a world that synthesizes fiction and reality” (Corcoran Museum of Art)alex_prager_3




All photos © Alex Prager via Lehmann Maupin

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