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Timeless interview with jewelry designer Antonia Miletto

Based between New York and Venice, Antonia Miletto started to design fine jewelry more than 20 years ago, following a degree in gemology and an instinctive passion for diverse materials, that brought her to relentlessly travel the world in the search for new elements that could attract her imagination and creativity. Amazing gemstones,exotic woods, acrylic resin and “occasional pieces” elegantly come together in Antonia’s jewelry line that effortlessly combines precious and semi-precious components. Among all materials she favors wood: purpleheart wood, which was used by the American Indians to make arrows, Slovenian maple because of it’s beautiful trans-lucid off white color and Ebony, always beautiful to wear. All the woods and acrylic resin parts are carved and carefully finished by hand by specialized craftsmen in Milan and Florence. Some of the pieces are one of a kind and a polished manifestation of Italian excellence.

Antonia’ s Timeless Interview

H: Do you belong more to the past, the present or the future?

A: A conjugation of all

H: What of your country’s heritage represents you the most?

A: The mixture of simple and invaluable things

H: Something of your family’s heritage which you would like to bring forward?

A:The respect for others

H: An image of your heritage?

A: A huge apricot tree loaded with fruits in my grandparents ‘ country house



H: A place?

A: Venice

antonia+miletto+03H: A word?

A: preposterous

H: A sound?

A: In the order : the crackling of logs of woods in a fireplace, the crispy creak of the first snow under my feet in a street of NY and the pop of a champagne cork

H: An object belonging to your own heritage?

A: A picture of two little girls: me and my sister Eugenia

H: A time in history you would have liked to live in?

A: During the Italian Risorgimento when splendidly dressed women led the people towards liberty (reference is made to the princess of Belgioioso)

H: Something from your present meant to become heritage?

A: The best pieces of my jewelry collection

Photos: Courtesy of Antonia Miletto

To know more: Antonia Miletto


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