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David Bowie and Arizona Muse in Venice for the second chapter of Vuitton’s Invitation au voyage

“I’d rather be high, I’d rather be high..I’d rather be flying, I’d rather be flying..” David Bowie, I’d Rather Be High


The Story of Vuitton’s “Invitation au Voyage”-Part 2david-bowie-arizona-muse-david-sims-louis-vuitton-1

Settings: Venice

Leading Actors: David Bowie and Arizona Muse

Plot: David Bowie makes a very special appearance in the second chapter of Louis Vuitton’s “Invitation au voyage”,in the short movie directed by Romain Gravais and ad campaign photographed by David Sims. The trip began last November 2012 in Paris, in one of the world’s greatest haven of culture and history, the Louvre, where Arizona Muse found, hidden in a Vuitton’s trunk, an intriguing invitation that set her on a journey towards unknown destinations, flying on an hot air balloon. A year has passed and the destination has finally been revealed: another land of historical richness,Venice. Here,within the setting of a lavish masquerade,The White Duke is not just waiting for Miss Muse but he is also meant to serenade her, playing a special version of ” I’d Rather Be High” song coming from Bowie’s last album, The Next Day.

Impossible not to think about Bowie while starring as a charming and misleading host of a masquerade in Labyrinth, back in 1986..

The short film directed by Romain Gravais will debut on November 7 via Vuitton’s new app with the print ads and television commercials making their official debut on November 10.

As part of the Ad Campaing, Vuitton has just revealed the “faces” of the guests invited to the Venetian masquerade..




 Madame Palms


The Phantomvuitton_thephantom

Don Fredericovuitton_donfederico - Copy - Copy - Copy


For more information visit Louis Vuitton‘s web site

View the Video here


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