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Artist May Sum’s project: Lipstick sculptures inspired by fashion icons

fashion-lipstick-sculptures1The Story of May Sum lipstick sculpturescoco_lipstick

Settings: Hong Kong, today

Leading actress: Media Artist May Sum

Plot: May’s project started not long ago, as you can read from her blog wahahafactory, where she announced in July a new daily project , recently turned into an international big hit. First lipstick sculptor in Asia (and we guess in the rest of the world too) May shifted from the usual themes of her sculptures, pets and clothes, to a new topic, chosen to please all fashionistas worldwide: style icons. And what is more appropriate for a fashion symbol than being carved in expensive lipstick paste? All of them make an appearance: from Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Lady D, stars of the old days, to modern tycoons of the fashion industry the likes of Gaga, Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckam. All skillfully portrayed in 3D and represented with a typical detail, could be Anna Wintour’s bob or Coco Chanel’s iconic hat and pearls. The project gave international fame to May’s art and her Etsy shop, where it is possible to buy the “fashion icons” sculptures and also to request a custom-made one with your face on it. Can’t wait to place our order.

To know more: Wahahafactory

Thanks for the tip Stairway to Fashion

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