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A moustache story

Tuscany, 1973photo (11)

The story of Piero Scortecci photo (12)

Settings: Arezzo,Tuscany 1962- today

Leading Actor: Piero Scortecci is a well-known Italian journalist and economist. He worked for many years at La Nazione di Arezzo interviewing big names within the Italian economic and political landscape. Loving husband and father, Piero has always lived in his beloved Arezzo, which he praises for being the hometown of famous artists and academics across time, the likes of painter Michelangelo and poet Francesco Petrarca.

Plot: Believe it or not Piero has always had a moustache. As soon as it was possible for him to grow it, he did : he was only 18 years old and he has been wearing a moustache ever since. Every day for more than fifty years, he has been taking good care of it, giving it just the right trim, always the same shape and length, turning it into an essential part of his look and personality. Piero and his moustache have been through an entire life, a loving family, a fulfilling career. What strikes the most about this story, is the coherence behind it. Piero made a choice when he was just a boy , he wanted to wear a moustache as his father did before him, he took a direction and never drifted apart. His moustache could inspire austerity at first but in truth it symbolizes integrity, great attachment to ideas and strong will of bringing forward a family tradition. But overall it’s a statement of style: by deciding to wear it all life long, careless of trends and changes, Piero adopted his own style, timeless and ever lasting. There is a lot of talk these days about moustaches because of Movember, the well established Australian charity that raises funds for men’s health worldwide.The group of friends who started the NGO back in 2003 started it leveraging the concept of being enough of a man to wear a moustache despite adverse trends. They suggested to grow it for a limited period of time during the month of November. We just wonder, how much of a man you must be to wear it all life long?

With Giovanni Spadolini in the late 70sphoto (19) - Copy

Interviewing Umberto Agnelli in the beginning of the 80sphoto (9)

At La Nazione with a colleague in 1988photo (13)

Hat and moustaches, 1991photo (18)

Portrait, 2002

photo (16)

With his niece, 2012

photo (17)

Photos: Courtesy of Piero Scortecci

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