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Bergdorf Goodman’s windows celebrate Diana Vreeland’s Vogue Memos



The Story of Diana Vreeland’s Memos

Released on October 15 “Memos: The Vogue Years/1962-1971/Diana Vreeland” (Rizzoli New York) is a collection of correspondence and notes Diana Vreeland wrote to her collaborators during the years she was editor in chief of Vogue. Memos and letters, put together and edited by Vreeland’s grandson, Alexander, were the way she communicated with her collaborators and staff and give a beautiful inside look into the way she worked and directed the course of Vogue, which under her direction quickly turned into one of the leading fashion magazines of its time. The book also includes personal letters and correspondence with Balenciaga, Richard Avedon, Veruschka, to mention a few, and gives unique insights into the genesis of some of Vogue’s most celebrated stories.bergdorf_goodman_vogue_memos1



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