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Timeless interview with Genevieve Xhaet, designer and founder of Flapper girls in progress

Maybe not everyone knows the meaning of the word “flapper” : back in the 1920’s a “flapper” was a young fashionable woman who disdained conventional behaviors and was intent on enjoying life, listening to jazz, and being effortlessly chic. A flapper is the kind of woman who could wear Genevieve’s creations today. Beautifully handmade turbans and headpieces designed for unconventional women, sophisticated ladies who dictate the rules of elegance. What better item than a turban, favored by style icons from now and then, to fully express the unconventional glamour Genevieve is in the search for? A turban is unusual, charming and functional. It has an exotic flair that Genevieve has decided to interpret in line with her own heritage. Born in Biella, one of the most famous textile districts in Italy, she uses only the finest fabrics produced there, combining unusual fibers belonging to the local industrial tradition with innovative design. She believes her turbans are ” an artistic, social and industrial appropriation” a way to revive both the freedom of the Roaring Twenties and the splendor of her hometown’s textile production.

PORTRAIT GENEVIEVE XHAETGenevieve’ s Timeless Interview

H: Do you belong more to the past, the present or the future?

G:The present. The present of past, the present of present and the present of future

H: What of your country’s heritage represents you the most?

G:Our great directors. The usual ones, you know, whom everybody loves, Antonioni, Visconti, but even the less famous ones, the directors of thrillers and spaghetti westerns, those by whom Tarantino took so much inspiration.

H: Something of your family’s heritage which you would like to bring forward?

G: My grandfather loved fast cars and he was an aviator too. I’d say flying with a glider, possibly ending up in the garden of a villa!

H: An heritage image?

D:  The Temple of Diana at Villa Borghese in Rome. Villa Borghese is the equivalent of Central Park , in Rome.

H: A place?

G: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Cap d’Antibes

_MG_4095_resH: A word?

G: Flapper!

H: A sound?

G: Flap. When a bird moves its wings up and down preparing to fly. ‘There you stood on the edge of your feather, Expecting to fly.’ Neil Young

H: An object belonging to your own heritage?

G:A champagne swizzle stick. It is a silver stick with a flayed end (like a branch), which is placed or stirred in champagne to reduce or remove the bubbles.

H: A time in history you would like to live again? 

D: The Roaring Twenties

H: Something from your present meant to become heritage?

D: : The turbans of my Spring/Summer collection

All Photos Courtesy of Genevieve Xhaet and by Samantha Casolari

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