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“Private Moon”: Leonid Tishkov’s visual poem

To Luca “Private Moon is a visual poem, telling a story about a man who found the Moon and stayed with her for the rest of his life” Leonid Tishkovprivate_moon The Story of Leonid Tishkov’s Private MoonLeonidTishkov1 Settings: The globe, the past 10 years ,the near future Leading Actor: Leonid Tishkov is a Russian artist who lives and works in Moscow when is not traveling with his private moon, living in the world like in a fantastic fairy tale Plot: “Private Moon”, on paper, is a photography project. In reality it is more than that. It’s about the intimate relationship a man, an artist, a vagabond, has with the moon. Not the moon that is there for everyone, distant but accesible, nontheless. We are talking here about a different moon, which is man-made, movable, and, above all, private.Nearly 10 years ago Tishkov had a vision: he saw between the fronds of a tree in Moscow a shiny moon , as if it had descended from up high to brighten his path, surreal vision, Magritte in his mind. Since then he has been travelling the world as a different man, wearing the cloak of his dead father, illuminating the way with his bright, silent companion.  His journey hasn’t ended yet. Paris, Kazakhstan, Washington or the Arctic Sea, just a few of the places visited by Leonid and his mate, depicted as dreamlike realities. Their next destination? Well, the moon. “The moon on the moon, it sounds very poetic” to put it with Tishkov. We can’t wait for them to be there. LeonidTishkov3 LeonidTishkov5 LeonidTishkov12LeonidTishkov8LeonidTishkov6LeonidTishkov13 LeonidTishkov7Private moon as dead soldier on my land_Pigsty_IMG_6514 private-moon-arcticsea Leonid Tishkov’s blog Source: The Huffington Post

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