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“In the Heart of the Multitude” : Prada’s project for its SS14 catwalk

“Art did not change the design. I speak with my rules as a professional designer,” Miuccia Prada on her SS2014 Collection

“Tropical Wild Space Colour Girls”, by Stinkfish 201312-Prada-Runway

The Story of “In the Heart of the Multitude and Prada”091913prada-spring-summer-2014-mfw1

Settings: Milan Fashion Week, September 2013

Leading Actors: Six artists – four muralists (Miles ‘El Mac’ Gregor, Gabriel Specter, Mesa, and Stinkfish) plus two illustrators (Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet) were commissioned by Mrs Prada to give a visual interpretation of her “In the Heart of the Multitude” project, a mixture of art, fashion and politics

Plot:  The work of the 6 artists who collaborated in designing the environments and settings of Prada’s SS14 catwalk was commissioned with one sole restriction: to depict an active, strong woman. The idea was to create images that could give shape to Mrs Prada’s inner vision and help her spreading the political message she wanted to make visible to everyone: a call out for all women to keep fighting, “an encouragement to be out there and to do something”. On murals in the background and printed on many of Prada’s new looks, huge female faces stood out, echoing the social political art by Diego Rivera, each of them different, each of them bold, colorful and powerful enough to encounter Prada’s urge to make not only beautiful dresses but to express an ongoing fight. Beautiful. 16-Prada-Runway

“Senza Fine” 2013 by Mesa08-Prada-Runway_1

“Colorful Women” by Gabriel Specter, 201305-Prada-Runway_1


“Trois Femmes” by Pierre Mornet, 201320-Prada-Runway

“Beauty Masks”, by Jeanne Detallante 201314-Prada-Runway

Some of the looks presented during Prada’s SS2014 Show

Photos by Attilio Maranzano for WallPaper Magazine (Murales and stage) and Fashionising (SS14 looks)

Source WWD

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  1. This collection is pure genius ! I’ve been researching the interactions between art and fashion for the last 12 years, and, to me, this is one of the most strong and beautiful art-inspired collections ever ! I particularly like Jeanne Detallante’s stunning illustrations ! Thank you so much for following my blog, made in Marseille, France (the 2013 European Capital of Culture !).

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