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Johnny Hermann: Popsicle, Pop culture and Interior delight

“There are too many souls of wood not to love those wooden characters who do indeed have a soul” Jean Cocteau

The Story of Johnny Hermann


Settings: Milan, today

Leading Actor: Mauro Savoldi, alias Johnny Hermann , is an artist , designer and skillful craftsman. With a master degree in interior design he specializes in mock-ups, furniture designs and unique objects of arts, favoring wood among all materials

Plot: Fascinated by pop culture and the “irreverent” side of design, Johnny playfully works wood, giving new shapes to ideas and memories. He remembers when, only a child, he wandered around his grandfather’s carpenter shop, smelling wood and feeling happy. And by childhood memories he was most likely led when, looking at a piece of wood, some leftover from another work, he flew back to the time when a popsicle could make your day: joy for your senses, bright spots of colors. Chasing that childhood joy, almost unconsciously, he worked that wood, designing his first Wooden Popsicle followed by seven limited series of unique handmade pieces which made him known across the globe. And there is much more than popsicles: waste sushi, fortune cookies, guilt indicators are all part of a world of evocative wooden objects and products Johnny creates to complement spaces and delight interiors.

Irreverent Design “Indicator of Guilt”indicatori-di-colpa

Fortune CookiesRGB base

Waste Sushisushi_hermann

Photos: Courtesy of Johnny Hermann

To know more: Johnny Hermann 

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