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Timeless interview with Orsina Sforza, painter, sculptor and light designer

Handmade as an assembly of different materials, Orsina’s beautiful “objects of light” are neither lamps nor sculptures, but a delicate intersection of the two. The choice of salvaged materials, paper, fabrics, plastic, rags and the new, sometimes fun interpretation of their use, contribute to enhance the sense of humor and pop flair of Orsina’s creations. Definitely something meant to stay.

Orsina’ s Timeless Interview
4 Nijinsky Odin, 2011, stoffa-ferro, h. cm 30, d. cm 28H: Do you belong more to the past, the present or the future?

O:The present

H: What of your country’s heritage represents you the most?

O: Handmade Excellence

H: Something of your family’s heritage which you would like to bring forward?

O:The sense of humor

H: An image of your heritage?

O: The Ancient Via Appia

H: A place?

O: The Botanical Garden in Padova

9 Bernini giallorossa, 2011, cotone-pelle e ferro, h. cm 50, d. cm 40

H: A word?

O: Home

H: A sound?

O: The sound of some bells

H: An object belonging to your own heritage?

O: A poster bed

H: A time in history you would have liked to live in?

O: I would like to go back to the 20’s or 30’s to see the world as it was, with its landscape’s beauty still untouched

H: Something from your present meant to become heritage?

O: Art


Orsina Sforza was born in Milan. She studied and worked in London, S.Francisco and New York. She currently lives and works in Rome. She had several solo exhibitions in some of the most important art hubs worldwide.

She designed lamps for Zanotta and glass for Barovier Toso.

Her new collection of light sculptures will exhibit in London at Ubu Gallery, opening on the 10th of October 2013.

Images: Courtesy of Orsina Sforza

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