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The jewelry of the Kylan: Asian charm and mystery embedded in burnished silver


The Story of the Kylanthekylan_4

Settings: Italy, nowadays

Leading Lady: Eclectic artist Giulietta Revel, former actress, dancer and movie director. Based in Italy, Giulietta loves to travel the world to find inspiration in faraway cultures which she reinvents with creativity, attention to detail and exquisite taste

Plot: The jewelry of The Kylan originate from Giulietta’s encounter with Vietnamese culture and from her interest and investigation of the Ao Dai, the traditional silk tunic embellished with colorful needlework and lovely floral embroidery. Surrounded by mysterious legends, The Kylan , one the Four Sacred Animals of Asian mythology is believed to be an auspicious animal that brings luck, joy and longevity. Its furry coat is a mix of vivid colors: red, yellow, green, white and black. Giulietta carefully chooses semi-precious stones and enamels in the same key colors, embedded in settings of burnished silver. Handmade, each piece carries the mystery and charm of Vietnamese culture. And happiness for those lucky enough to own one.kylan_ring2



Photo: courtesy of Giulietta Revel

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