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Haute Couture Fall 2014: Dolce e Gabbana pays tribute to Canaletto

«Venice, just like our fashion, is eclectic, a mixture of Byzantine art, Baroque, Renaissance, Oriental art, and Modernism, like the Guggenheim, all kept together with great harmony» Dolce & Gabbana, Repubblica

Canaletto, Piazza San Marco: Looking South East (between 1735-1740)image

The Story of Canaletto and Dolce & Gabbanaimage

Settings: Venice XVIII Century

Leading Actor: Antonio Canal (Venice 1697-1768) , better known as Canaletto, is one of the finest landscape painters of the XVIII Century. Some of Canaletto’s most famous works came from the fertile relationship he had with British collectors. Around 1720 the painter started having work commissioned by influential figures within the British cultural and political circle and he was required to paint mostly topographic images of his  hometown, Venice. For them, he painted grand scenes of the Venetian canals and the Doge’s Palace, he depicted the city’s pageantry and waning traditions. With innovative atmospheric effects , the use of strong local colors and skillful accuracy he reproduced the atmosphere of some of the most poetic corners of Venice.

Plot: Venice is synonym of elegance throughout the centuries. The Doge and his wife used to wear lavish silk and velvet tunics embellished with gold embroidery; Marco Polo brought from the Far East cloaks festooned with hand-sewn pearls, expression of the Oriental opulence. Dolce & Gabbana in their last Couture fall/winter collection, presented at Palazzo Barbaro the first week of July,wanted to convey the same image of outer elegance. Through the use of lavish materials and artisan skills they paid a magnificent homage to the art of Canaletto. Screen-printed on silk, some of the most evocative views of the great painter enhanced the beauty of dreamlike dresses, adorned with layers of crisp tulle and long trains. A further step into beautifully reviving Italy’s artistic heritage.

Canaletto, View of the Doge’s Palace, Venice 1768Canaletto_1768_View-of-Doge's-Palace_PLZ-124

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