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Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Collection looks back on archival sketches to revive the Jazz Era

“The jewelry symbolizes the story’s themes of wealth and privilege, and we approached its design with the utmost style and luxury in mind” Jon King, executive vice president of Tiffany & Co. daisy_great_gatsby

The Story of Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Collection great_gatsby_tiffany_daisy

Settings: Tiffany’s headquarters nowadays

Leading character: Founded in New York in 1837, during the Jazz Era Tiffany became the city’s icon of chic sophistication and its diamonds the epitome of American glamour, in the new Art Deco style. As the period’s preeminent jeweler, Tiffany defined it with white diamonds punctuated with colorful gems in softly contoured platinum that celebrated the city’s sublime skyscraper as well as fashion’s streamlined silhouettes.

Plot:The spectacular jewelry is based on designs from the Tiffany Archives and worn by the film’s all-star cast. Daisy Buchanan’s attire was entirely designed having in mind archival sketches . Several of them were adapted to create the beautiful Savoy Headpiece and detachable feather brooch, which are based on a Native American headdress. The bandeau, a popular accent of the period, reflects the clean lines of Art Deco and  the brooch epitomizes Jazz Age elegance. A detailed drawing of a daisy motif was created for the handpiece. Delicately linked for ease of movement, the design characterizes the attitude of the period, with its lavish layering of jewelry. The collection aims at capturing his characters’ privileged lives with modern versions of their Tiffany jewels that glittered through posh parties and summer soirées . Some highlights:Elizabeth Debicki’s chandelier earrings of rose-cut diamonds, bracelets of diamonds and seed pearls and Art Deco-inspired rings of sapphires and diamonds in platinum and Di Caprio’s oval cuff links of black or green enamel on 18 karat gold.

The Savoy Headpiece, diamonds and freshwater cultured pearls in alluminium and the handpiece and ring, handcrafted of diamonds and platinum, with a bracelet of freshwater cultured pearls

Archival Sketches: Headpiece and daisy pattern

Highlights from the Great Gatsby Collection

Photos ©Tiffany

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