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Katya Kovtunovich timeless designs

Russian Singer Xena wearing a custom made design by Katya KovtunovichKatya_russian_spotThe Story of Katya Kovtunovichkatya_goddess_of_arabian_sand4

Settings: Dubai , 2011/nowadays

Leading lady: Russian born designer Katya Kovtunovich always had fashion in her spirit and bones. She left her native island of Sakhalin to do a Degree in Linguistic at St Petersburg State University and once completed went to London where she could breathe fashion from every corner. She soon became a fashion journalist, working for worldwide famous magazines and approaching with her interviews some of the most influential figures in the field, the likes of Isabella Blow, Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano. Dubai gave her the opportunity to start designing her own label in 2011, with an amazing response from customers both locally and abroad. Only to mention H.R.H princess Charlene of Monaco and Al Nahyan Family.

Plot: Katya called her Summer 2013 collection Elle Capitan , with an explicit reference to the target she designs for – strong powerful women who are in charge of their lives ,and their wardrobe accordingly. Katya feels the fascination for some glorious past, and for an old classy way of living luxury and fashion consequently. She imagines her dresses worn by Jacqueline Kennedy in Capri. Or by grace Kelly in South of France.  When asked where her inspiration was coming from, naturally and spontaneously Katya started recalling a lady who gave her those same feelings of grandeur and style. Her Russian great grandmother, a woman of vast culture and sober elegance. Just like Katya herself. I was impressed by the way her designs looked on her, better than on a real model. This is because Katya’s clothes bring along that classy flair and timeless elegance that belong to Katya’s own story. No wonder she has a princess among her admirers.

Elle Capitan SS2013

The Goddess of Arabian Sand SS 2012

Early designs – Fall Winter 2010/11

Photos: Courtesy of Katya Kovtunovich

To know more : Katya Kovtunovich web site and Facebook Page

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