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Errata corrige: ekaterina panikanova’s conceptual art on pages of vintage books


The Story of Ekaterina Panikanova


Settings: Rome, St. Petersburg, nowadays

Leading Lady: Russian born artist Ekaterina Panikanova lives and works between Italy and Russia. After being awarded a degree in Monumental painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg, she became a Member of the Russian Union of Artists. Her works has been exhibited in the Russian Union of Artists, at the Academy of Fine Arts, in St.Petersburg and Moscow and in Italy.

Plot: Her work, Errata Corrige, is made of realistic and surreal illustrations painted across the open-faced, unspecified pages of books. They represent “a storage of images, traumas and experiences” from childhood that people carry for all their lives.






To know more: Ekaterina Panikanova

Via My Modern Met

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