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Blumenfeld Studio: New York 1941-1960 at Somerset House

” Blumenfeld was shooting 60 years ago what the rest of us will be shooting in 10 years time”  Solve Sundsbo, photographer


The story of Blumenfeld Studioblumenfield_1

Settings: New York 1941-1960

Leading actor: Berlin-born photographer Erwin Blumenfeld started taking photographs when he was still a child. Influenced by dadaism and by the work of Man Ray, he approached photography with the intent to experiment innovative technical aspects, such as the use of mirrors,silk, screens , contrived shadows, abstraction and angles. which contributed to his work becoming noticed. When he moved to Paris in 1936 Cecile Beaton introduced him to French Vogue which immediately signed a year contract with him. In Paris he shot some of his most iconic images. In 1941 Blumenfeld settled in New York after escaping war camps in France and soon became one of the most influential and highly paid photographers in the business. He collaborated with Vogue and Alexander Liberman and even today is known as the photographer who has the most Vogue covers, some of which include portraits of famous models and high society women from the time. He was very much influenced by the idea of photography as art, wishing to be respected as an avant-garde artist rather than a fashion photographer, frequently drawing inspiration from art history and graphics.

Plot: Studio Blumenfeld is an exhibition of over ninety restored original prints that celebrate the output of Blumenfeld ‘s  Central Park studio during the Second World War and post-war boom years, including fashion photography, advertising campaigns, personality portraits, ‘war effort’ propaganda posters, experimental work and rarely-seen fashion films from the early 60s. The exhibition will be on until the 1st of September.

© The Estate of Erwin Blumenfeld

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