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Antonio Lopez fashion illustration

” What one recognized in his illustrations was, in the end, more than just a dress. It was a state of mind” Peter Knapp, photographerantonio-lopez

The Story of Antonio Lopez antonio-lopez-fashion-illustration-9

Settings: New York and Paris, 60’s-80’s

Leading character: Puerto-Rican-born Antonio Lopez (1943-1987) was a major figure in fashion illustration from the 1960s through the mid-1980s; his work appeared in  publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Interview and The New York Times. Lopez is attributed with discovering and launching the careers of Jerry Hall, Grace Jones, and Tina Chow.

Plot : Antonio Lopez was terribly influential within the art and fashion circle for almost two decades. Not just a gifted and eclectic artist, he ‘invented’ the new model: not the perfect pretty girl, but the girl with attitude, sex appeal and a portion of craziness, who was later called  Antonio’s Girl. He changed the garments he drew and by doing so inspired designers for their next collection. He changed fashion illustration and photography by blending the models into the outside world, making them move, having fun and being sexy. Antonio, like Andy Warhol, had his own entourage including models, make-up artists, fashion designers and the rich&famous, who went out on the town (first New York, later Paris) and dictated nightlife. He also designed jewelry and conceptual fashion items pursuing various art forms, with his constantly changing, flamboyant style dominating fashion illustration until the late 80’s.

Elle Magazine, 1967

Portraits, early 80’s

Missoni’s Campaign, 1984

Paloma Picasso, 1984

Gianni Versace Campaign, 1984

Antonio’s Girls cover, Jerry Hall

Grace Jones

Antonio Lopez

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Photos via Pinterest

Credits: Agnauta Couture

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