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“Paris Nouvelle Vague”, Cartier’s love story with Paris and parisian ladies

“From one neighborhood to the next, the Parisian knows her way, playful or fatal, now bright, now delicate, always elegant wherever she goes” Cartier Collection book

Settings: Dubai, 15th of Mayparisnouvellevague_cartier

Main Character: Paris, Paris and Paris again.

Plot: Even Cartier fell into temptation of going back to their archives to conceive a new collection, The “Paris Nouvelle Vague”, presented for the first time in Dubai. The collection places itself in continuity with the namesake collection created in 1999. As the latter, its sequel gets inspiration from the dynamism of the city of Paris,  but it takes the conversation further, not just the city is the leading figure, but its main admirer, the Parisian lady. Madame Le Figaro talks about her as a “female archetype”, used by Cartier to seduce all women. Seven different lines, thought to please the different ways a Parisian lady may feel while walking through her city from morning till dawn.. mischievous ,impish, emancipated, voluptuous,sparkling, delicate and,  of course, glamour.

For the “sparkling” line Cartier present a re-edition of the ring created for the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection in 1999, the “Wig” ring, in yellow, white and pink gold with sapphires and diamonds

Photos: © Cartier

Some pieces from the 1999 collection available on 1stdibs

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