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Mark Shaw, fashion photography and high society in the 50’s

Model in Corvette, New York, 1960 and Model in Pink Marabou Hat, 1960

The Story of Mark Shawshaw_nina_ricci_couture_1961

Settings: New York City, 1921-1969

Main Character: Mark Shaw, photographer and influential source of fashion and jet-set life during the 50’s and 60’s.

Plot: Best known for the beautiful pictures taken of Jacqueline and John Kennedy within the intimacy of their family life, Mark Shaw was one of the first portraying the world of celebrities and fashion behind the scenes. He privileged working in location than in studio, the living room of a duchess or the backstage of a fashion show , depicting moments of true life and intimacy.

He contributed to several magazines, above all the Life Magazine , for which he ran the editorial ‘cover photos by Shaw’ and he collaborated to numerous ad campaigns, among them the successful Vanity Fair Lingerie campaign, in 1953, for which he won several awards.

In 1964 Shaw published the book The John F. Kennedys: A Family Album, a collection of the images of the president’s family taken for Life Magazine.

Henrietta Tiarks Portraits and  in Salon of Nina Ricci, 1959

Jacqueline Kennedy with son John John, 1963 and with and JFK, 1959

Models in couture gowns, 1958 and Model in pink couture

Backstage at Pierre Balmain Paris, 1954

Nico with mirror and Nico with strawberry, fashion photography, 1960

Photos: ©Mark Shaw via Pinterest

Mark Shaw’s editioned photos and limited editions available at Svenska Möbler 

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