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Luigi Ghirri’s “thinking images”: Capri

By Sissi Macchetto

“How to think in pictures, this sentence contains the meaning to all my work” Luigi Ghirri


The story of Luigi Ghirri’s images of Capri


Settings: Capri, early 80’s

Leading actor: Luigi Ghirri is considered the photographer who revolutionized the Italian photographic scene between the 70’s and his premature death in 1992. His work started in the early 1970s within the mileu of conceptual art. It started with photographs of Ghirri’s home region Emilia, in Northern Italy, and then developed in series, of spaces, urban scenes , landscapes of his native land but not only. Always with a fascination for the faint balance between people and their surroundings.

Plot:  It’s beautiful here, isn’ t it ? This could be what Ghirri thought while shooting his Kodakrome in Capri, in the early 80’s. Capri was always inspirational for poets and artists, a place to fall for, for his whimsical , almost surreal nature. And this is what Ghirri’s images reveal of it, a place suspended between reality and representation, where local and universal seem to be inseparable, and where life’s polarities—love and hate, present and past—are equally compelling.

The exhibition “Pensare per Immagini” (a selection of 300 images of Ghirri’s work) opened at Maxxi in Rome last April and will be on until October 24 this year. Some of the work of Ghirri will also be included within the Vice Versa project at the Vennice Biennalesfinge5a 001



01ghirri_capri_1981ghirri_capri_1981© eredi Ghirri

Luigi Ghirri’s Pensare per Immagini exhibition on show at Maxxi until October 2013

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