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David Tisdale’s award winning, color blocking tabletop collection from the mid 80’s

When I first bumped into the picture of David Tisdale’s flatware I thought how powerful and inspiring  the combination between geometrical, almost minimal design and pop bright colors was. But , above all, since every time I see something beautiful I feel the urge to own it, I pictured myself arranging a stylish picnic, in the sand maybe, right by the sea: lose white linen cloths, pristine porcelain and just that spot of bright , timeless color.. Butter Knives_resized


The Picnic Flatware

The story of David Tisdale’s Tabletop Collection

Settings: New York mid 80’s

Leading Character: California born designer David Tisdale started his career as a jewelry  designer in New York , where he set up his own studio in the early 80’s. His fascination for clean, geometrical forms led him soon to product design, initially with his own line of tableware, later by collaborating with several housewares companies. Today David is the president of David Tisdale Design, company that develops creative solutions for interior and product design 

Plot: The original “Picnic Flatware”  and part of the tabletop collection (coasters, napkins rings and demitasse spoons) were designed in 1985 for an exhibition at the then American Craft Museum in New York, creating an incredible response from the public. Sasaki produced the “Picnic Flatware” design as “Elektra Flatware” in stainless steel and anodized aluminum for a few years from 1986 on.Then many of the pieces were licensed  to ELIKA and they continued to be manufactured by them until the early nineties. The original picnic flatware won a Pantone Color Award in 1988 and is now in the permanent collection of a number of museums around the world. As for the rest of the collection, unfortunately only a few pieces are still available through the secondary market and in antiques venues on and offline.

The Salt & Pepper shakers and the Creamer and Sugar set, designed specifically for Elika in the late 80’s

One of a kind products, sample of David’s design from the mid 80’s, now part of private collections or museums

To know more: David Tisdale Design

Photos: courtesy of David Tisdale

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