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Bashar Assaf’s journey through novelty printings and classical cuts

The search for novelty through the design of unusual and inspiring printings combined with a classical, figure-enhancing, neat cut, made Bashar Assaf’s collection stand out at Dubai Fashion Forward last April.



The story of Bashar Assaf

Settings: Beirut, Nowadays

Leading actor: Beirut based Bashar Assaf is a gifted fashion designer born and educated in Lebanon. After completing his studies at l’ Ecole Supérieure Des Arts Et Techniques De La Mode Bashar started to work as  designer and stylist between Beirut and Saudi Arabia. Thank to his participation to the Starch Foundation program Bashar is now presenting his first two collections under his own label.

Plot: Bashar’s  fascination for the natural and biological environment led him to design two beautiful collections inspired by essential elements in nature, the human heart and the metamorphic rock. Both elements embody vitality, renewal and constant change. Like a modern alchemist Bashar plays with the forms, colors and volumes of these elements, reproducing them in different nuances and shapes onto his printings, bringing the same vitality to his designs. The Open Heart  collection celebrates both the female body and the unpredictable contained in a woman’s heart,chest of her femininity .With the Metamorphosis collection Bashar wants to emphasize the alterable nature of garments which, just like rocks, transform and adapt and sometimes “function in a metamorphic way, by changing the way they are used and worn”

Spring Summer 2013, The Open Heart Collection

Fall Winter 2013, Metamorphism Collection

photos: courtesy of Bashar Assaf

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