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Amy Friend’s “Dare alla Luce” Project

The Story of Amy Friend’s “Dare alla luce” projectamyfriend

Settings: Canada, 2012

Leading Lady: Amy Friend, Canadian born photographer, has a master degree in Fine Arts  from the University of York and several publications about her work in arts and photography journals both in Canada and worldwide

Plot: Amy chose an Italian name for her project, “Dare alla luce”.  In Italian the literal meaning  is “bring to light” but the figurative one is “give birth to”. Amy uses worn out vintage photographs collected over the years  and she brings them back to life with the use of dots of light that penetrate into the image , just like small fireflies. Light, in the first place, is what makes photography possible: Amy’s images are therefore born twice and both times thank to light.The result is pure poetry.


©Amy Friend

credits: Collateral

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