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Vintage April Fools postcards from France

” I have great faith in fools – self-confidence my friends will call it.” Edgar Allan Poe ,Marginalia

389px-Cartes_postales_poissons_d'avril_-_3The Story of French April Fools postcards

Settings: France, early years of the 20th Century

Main Character: Depicted in different sizes , colors and postures, fish is the undisputed leading character 

Plot: At the beginning of  the 20th century it was tradition in France to send postcards on April Fools Day. Cards always featured fish,alone or as part of  poetic scenes, with delicate and evocative hues. Somewhere along the line the cards became romantic, with the fish symbolizing remembrance and secret feelings. And they became mysterious as well, because the sender was often anonymous. Sometimes a message was included, teasing the receiver to guess whom the card was coming from.Sometimes the cards were playful, mocking the person they were addressed to. Unfortunately this lovely tradition faded away with time. It would be good to revive it, I wouldn’t find anything more graceful than receiving an anonymous April fools card.


Some vintage postcards are available on Etsy

photos via The Daily Postcard

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