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Pop Heritage, hassan hajjaj’s everyday rockstars

“I’m trying to create something which has as much of my identity as possible … something that is fresh in Europe and Africa ..” Hassan Hajjaj (The Guardian)

From left: Helen PJ 2011; Zezo Tamsamani 2010

The Story of Hassan Hajjaj’s Rockstars Volume 1hajjaj_rockstar

Settings: Marrakesh/London, 1998/nowadays

Main Character: Hassan Hajjaj lives betweeen London and Marrakesh. Before being a photographer he’s been involved with fashion, film production, interior design. One of his most known project is the design of the  Andy Wandaloo Bar in Paris, a tribute both to Andy Warhol’s pop art and to the chic Morrocan design from the 70’s. He started to make portraits in the 90’s , photographing people and friends with the will to document life around him.

Plot: My Rockstars Volume 1 is a series of studio portraits that Hajjaj has been working on since 1998 and exhibited for the first time at The Third Line gallery in Dubai in October 2012. Inspired by his childhood in Morocco, Hassan takes pictures of people around him, his everyday rockstars. Not just musicians, also henna girls, boxers or  belly dancers. Some of them are close friends, artists who, according to Hassan, “might never make it into the mainstream” So he wants them there, dressed in clothes he designs for them, photographed in front of fabric patterns he carefully selects. The combination of colors and patterns and the use of handmade frames made of famous fmcg, such as coke or 7 Up cans, kick in on a pretty powerful pop flair. The brands used in the frames are symbol of the booming import market in Morrocco. “They harness the power of brands as a sense.” (The Guardian)

From left: Caravane 2011; Hindi Zahara 2011

From left: Cisco 2012; Junior James 2009

From left: Keziah Jones 2011; Amine B 2011

From left: Rachid Taha 2011; Meriem & Khadija Marmouche 2012

From left: Simo Lagnawi and Boubacar Kafando 2010; Pastel and Marcio 2012

Photo source: True African Original

Hassan Hajjaj’s Bio

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