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Kim Joon’ s Rockers, pop culture imagery and asian tradition

“I admire more musicians than artists. Jimi Hendrix is my hero, my personal god” Kim Joon (Art Radar Journal)


The story of Kim Joon ‘s Rockersrockers-by-kim-joon-jefferson_airplain

Settings: Seul, Korea, 2012

Main Character: Well known Korean artist Kim Joon is at the forefront of the new media movement both in Asia and the Western World.

Plot: The Rockers look indeed like fragile porcelain sculptures that could break only by glancing at them. In truth they are digital printings that Kim Joon makes with the use of a digital animation program called 3D Studio Max. The effects are astounding. The rocker series explore themes of memory and youth, where icons of Western popular culture clash with Asian symbolism. “Kim coats the white backgrounds and surfaces of objects with pop-culture imagery. He successfully juxtaposes old and new, traditional Asian motifs and new media.” (Sundaram Tagore) More from him to come. Stay tuned.

Rocker, The Kiss, 2012


Rocker, Pink Floyd, 2012


Rocker, Sex Pistols, 2012


Rocker, Guns ‘n Roses, 2012


Rocker, Velvet Underground, 2012


Rocker, Woodstock, 2012


To know more: Kim Joon

Kim Joon’s work available at ArtNet

Photos via Pinterest

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