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Charlotte Olympia Hollywoodland collection

“Everyone has a favorite era and mine is the old Hollywood glamour of the forties and fifties.” Charlotte Olympia on Vogue

The Story of Charlotte Olympia’s Hollywoodland collection

Charlotte Olympia Pre-Fall 2013 Old Hollywood 3

Settings: Opening of Charlotte Olympia’s new store in Rodeo Drive, early May 2013

Main Character: Charlotte Olympia Dellal, half brazilian, half british shoe designer, launched her first collection in January 2008  becoming a hit among coolest fashionistas in Europe and abroad. Her designs are synonymous with classic sophistication, a bit of humor and attention to details. They are largely inspired by the bygone era of old-Hollywood glamour. Charlotte herself looks like a diva from the Golden Age.

Plot: For Pre-Fall 2013 Dellal will premier her newest collection “Hollywoodland” in the soon to be opened store in Rodeo Drive. Accessories are not only inspired by Hollywood glamour but also feature images and details that are part of Hollywood’s culture and heritage. Covers from some of the most famous cinema magazines from the 40’s, portraits of silver screen divas such as Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford and iconic landmarks. Our favorite: stylish and glamorous clutches designed in shapes that recall those of the old theatres marquees and Hollywood art deco architecture and style.

Inspiration : Hollywood Art Deco

Inspiration: Hollywood theatre marquees

Inspiration: vintage Hollywood magazines

Inspiration: Louise Brooks, Joan Crawford

Inspiration: Rita Hayworth

inspiration: Hollywood landmarks

inspiration: celluloid

Photos (WWD, Tooklookbook)

Collection available at Net-a-Porter and Nordstrom


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